Syria is considered a destination for Arabs and internationals who seek dental and dental cosmetic treatment, due to the high level of workmanship and professionalism of Syrian dentists and dental professionals as they compete with their peers in developed countries and due to the low cost of dental treatment in Syria in comparison to other countries. These factors in addition to many other technical and academic factors led to qualitative leaps in dentistry and all its specializations in Syria and to an increase in demand on advanced dental treatment tools and equipment, dental raw materials, and equipment of specialized dental centers and dental laboratories.


After years of absence, Arabian Group for Exhibitions and Conferences returns to organize one of the most important dentistry specialized medical exhibitions  ‘The International Dental and Laboratory Exhibition - Dentalcare’ in its 8th edition that will be held at Damascus Fairground, Syria from 12 to 15 October 2022. The exhibition comes in the context of fulfilling the increasing needs of this sector, and to provide a meeting point for exhibiting companies with interested parties in the field of dentistry and dental laboratories, where it enables visitors to get acquainted with the latest developments and innovations in this field. 


As part of its efforts to support the dental equipment and laboratory sector in Syria, Arabian Group for Exhibitions and Conferences organizes ‘The International Dental and Laboratory Exhibition - Dentalcare’ concurrently with ‘The International Healthcare Exhibition – Healthcare’ to form a comprehensive platform where medical, scientific, and commercial entities can meet and get acquainted with the latest developments in the healthcare, dental care, and optics sectors, which are vital in the process of rebuilding Syria.


The last edition of Dentalcare was held concurrently with ‘The 5th Specialized Congress in Dentistry’ that was organized by the Office of Practicing the Profession in the Faculty of Dentistry in Damascus University, alongside ‘The Fourth Scientific Conference for Dental Technicians’ that was held by the Syrian Committee for Dental Laboratories, both scientific events were held in cooperation in cooperation with Arabian Group for Exhibitions. The visitors of Dentalcare 2011 had the chance to meet up with 74 companies that showcased products from 275 brands from 34 countries.


The impact of the Syrian crisis on the health sector

Before the Syrian crisis started in 2011, the Syrian healthcare sector achieved significant landmarks and overhauls which can be reflected by a drastic increase in life expectancy from 56 years in 1970 to 73 years in 2011, and the Syrian pharmaceutical industry built steadfast reputation for its competitive quality, a reputation that’s reflected in the fact that Syrian medicine was being exported to 56 countries before the Syrian crisis started. During the years of the crisis, the healthcare sector was targeted at all levels, hospitals were destroyed, especially public ones, and healthcare staff and nursing personnel were systematically targeted. 

  • 45% of health centers in Syria are out of service with all their advanced equipment being stolen or destroyed
  • 34% of medical health facilities that are partially functional because of lack of personnel and equipment, which reflects the pressing need for child incubators, scanners and medical imaging devices, anesthesia equipment, and other hospital equipment.
  • Syria's loss of health cadres is estimated at 37%, an unprecedented rate which reflects the need for huge investments in medical human resources and facilities. 
  • The health sector's losses are estimated at $12 billion to restore it to its previous state, which means that the investment needed to meet the rising needs of the Syrian healthcare market amounts to more than $25 billion, including rebuilding and equipping hospitals and health centers in addition to developing the specialized human resources to reach pre-war conditions.

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